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Welcome to IES Global – we have been delivering quality education services to international students and education institutions for over a decade and have a history of successful service. We are sure that IES Global will be able to assist you in your endeavours to achieve your international education goals through the wide range of services it offers; its multiple locations and destination focus as well as the friendly, experienced and qualified staff who are specialists in their fields.

IES Global has established its reputation as a quality organisation through its capacity to assist all of its clients to achieve their goals and have positive outcomes from working with the staff of IES Global.

IES Global continues to expand its operations, and now offers a full range of education services to students, education providers and education agencies. IES Global ensures that it maintains contact with the latest developments in education, with the aim to ensure that all of its clients are able to benefit from its proactive and innovative programs. IES Global prides itself on its capacity to bring unity to diverse groups of organisations and as a consequence ensure all benefit from the added value that IES Global brings.

Students are able to benefit from the full range of long and short term study options into a variety of locations, as well as the links that IESG is able to provide for work options. The counselling services offered, along with support through all steps of the way are very important to students.

Education Providers are able to benefit from the tailored Marketing Management and Representation programs in order to achieve student goals, and access the IESG international study placement network.

IES Global has also developed a global focus, and is active in Asia, Europe, the Americas in addition to Australia and New Zealand.

Please navigate this website and we are confident that you will find a range of exciting opportunities for you to benefit from in your focus on international education. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Joanne Wong, Peter Krikstolaitis

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