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Why Choose TUICMP

As a student of TUICMP, you will have the opportunities to share the full resources of Tsinghua University that have made Tsinghua China’s Number One University. It has modern facilities, experienced trained staff and unique programs to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your study and work program.

facilitiesWith the full resources of Tsinghua University, combined with the experience of international learning, you will be able to participate in a quality learning environment with students from other nationalities.

For those enrolled in the Internship China Program, the opportunity to be placed in a work environment in your field of
study opens up many doors for your future. We will be able to place you into a work environment that will meet your needs
and will give you the skills for the future.

Reasons why you choose to study at TUICMP:

  • Modern facilities.
  • Intern placement into quality Chinese businesses/companies related to your field of study.
  • Excellent IT resources – free email, Internet (fast and secure Internet: Chinese Education & Research Net (CERNET) and public dial-up connection) and wireless Internet.
  • Support services such as welfare and academic counselling are provided.
  • Study with students from different nationalities.
  • Friendly and fun environment.
  • Use of our specially developed ”E-learning program” designed to make learning Mandarin easier, interactive and more interesting.
  • Lively social program.
  • Advancing your career opportunities in China and beyond by learning about China enterprises during the course.
  • Live and study in Beijing, one of the most interesting and historical city in the world.
  • TUICMP offer Mandarin courses at different levels so you can choose your study program to suit your ability.
  • Flexible study options and course intakes.

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