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Air Services
is presently active in handling consignment to/from Intra-Asia, Australasia, Indian Sub-continent and the Gulf States. We also cover domestic routes in major West & East Malaysia cities.

  1. Air Freight
    Airfreight services give you the flexibility and transit time needs to ensure that your goods arrive where and when you need them.  We offer various air freight options such as direct flights, express or courier services, consolidation services, full or partial air charters and services such as customs clearance and brokerage, special handling, prepaid and collect shipments and our services cover almost every origin and destinations.

  2. Transshipment Cargo
    With the globalization of markets and the increasing demand for movement of goods and services, we offer transshipment services from any countries into Port Klang and re-shipped to other parts of the world by full container load or less container load.  Depending on your requirements for fast and reliable services, you may opt for sea to air services or vice versa.

  3. Specialty Services (reefer cargo, dangerous goods, etc.)
    Our team will be able to assist you in the selection of specialized transportation for your special cargo needs such as reefer containers for perishable goods or goods that required cold treatment or controlled temperature.   We will also be able to assist you in the transportation of hazardous or dangerous goods, filling in the Dangerous Goods Transport Documentation (DGD) or the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form as per the IMDG Code.

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